Tokyo 2013: Vezel, a new baby-SUV for Honda

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Honda revealed the new Vezel SUV yesterday evening, during the 43 edition of Tokyo Autoshow.

Sadly, we lack the technical details sheet yet, as the officials stated that those details will be available later this year.

In contempt the fact that for the moment they are going to deliver it only on the Asian market – the Vezel is interesting because, in fact, it’s not a completely Sport Utility Vehicle, but a new concept – I like to call it rather an urban SUV, because of its looks and size.  Honda’s officials described the new Vezel: ” a completely new model that goes beyond the boundaries of automobile categories by fusing together multifaceted values at a high level, including the dynamic qualities of an SUV, the elegance of a coupe and the functionality of a minivan.

About the Vezel we know that it’s going to be available in two options – 2WD and 4WD will feature 2 motorization – both 1,5 liter, a hybrid and also a normal gasoline engine. The hybrid will feature the Sport Hybrid i-DCD technology ( Intelligent Dual Clutch Drive), while the petrol will be a normal direct injection engine. Not quite sure about this last one, if it’s going to be a turbo or not,  but we will see later next month.

Also, here’s a live photo gallery from our colleagues from, directly from the event. 

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