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[EN] FK8 sets new record at the Suzuka Circuit

Honda’s wildest Type-R ever – 2 mins 23.993 secs lap record for a front-wheel-drive car. Known for its challenging corners and high-speed chicanes, the Suzuka Circuit is not only a test-track for Honda’s R&D department, but it’s also known as being one of the oldest Formula One World Championship, with a long history of races. […]

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[EN] NSX. Type-R?

We all love the NSX. Well, maybe I love the old generation rather than the newer one. Why? Guess it’s a subjective choice – I, one, I’m rather a petrol-headed girl that loves the old-ways more than the newer ones, but I’m not saying my way is the right way. My way is a stubborn-kind […]

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[EN] Soichiro’s Honda most known Quotes

“If Honda does not race, there is no Honda.” Soichiro Honda is, for me at least, one of those very stubborn and strong-willed individuals that ever walked the face of the earth. He was a visionary, who had a dream, a one-of-a-kind kind of dream, and he didn’t rest a second until that image in […]

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Complete Honda Chassis Code list

Because many of you are asking for the chassis codes of certain Honda models, I’ve made up a list with all the codes, years and so! 🙂   Chassis Code Car Basic Engine code Years of use 3A2 City 1.3L (ASEAN) D13B SOHC (Carb.) 1996 – 2000 3A3 City 1.5L (ASEAN) D15B SOHC PGM-FI 1997 – […]

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Bun venit în Paradis: Honda Collection Hall

Nu exista loc pe acest pământ mai cu patoș pentru mine decât este Japonia. Twin Ring Motegi, mai cu seamă, celebrul circuit din inima ținutului Honda. Un loc cu totul si cu totul deosebit, destinat acestui imperiu, ale cărui baze au fost puse de celebrul Soichiro Honda, în urmă cu aproape  50 de ani (48 […]

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Because 2015 is a fresh year for Honda – each model within Honda’s line-up is different or has been refreshed, new ventures were started – see Honda’s comeback in F1 or the HondaJet – and now we have IGNITION.  What is Ignition, in fact? An emotive video, perfectly describing the spirit, the feeling, and the […]

Spoon Sports HQ
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[RO]O vizita in centrul perfectiunii: SPOON SPORTS

In primul rand, inainte de a incepe acest articol, am doar o singura precizare: lumea automobilelor este o lume magica, plina de oameni pasionati si speciali, oameni care se dedica intru totul obiectului pasiunii lor. Romain – initiatorul proiectului Okutan102 – este fix omul despre care vorbesc, care a strabatut lumea in lung si in lat […]

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[EN] Rare finds: RA270 F1 prototype

Well protected yet not forgotten, this old footage of the RA270 Prototype was discovered in a warehouse from Saitama Prefecture, Japan – this is known as the only footage of the prototyped vehicle.  The RA270 is presented while tested on the Suzuka circuit, while the video is supposed to be dated around 18 February of […]