Acura NSX Type-S

NSX Type-S is soon to come…

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The last one standing – Acura revealed the Type-S version will be the last one built on the NC lineup. Judging by the fact that the actual generation features a 3.5-litre gasoline engine mated to three electric motors is good for a combined 573 horsepower, we might see a horsepower spike up to 600 HP for the new Type-S.

Each 2022 NSX will be a Type S, furthermore, Acura will be limiting production to 350 units in total, including 300 offered in the United States.

Our only hope is that this NSX Type-S will not be the last real sports car from Acura. As Acura claimed, they “will continue to pursue sports cars,” I sure hope so this will not mean complete electrification of this car.

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