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Offering a more thrilling driving experience than any production NSX to date, the new 600 horsepower NSX Type S 2022 boosts the already breathtaking capabilities of the next-generation supercar.

In celebration of the final year of second-generation NSX production, every 2022 Acura NSX produced at the Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio will be a Type S model. Just 350 of the limited-run supercar will be built for global distribution, with 300 units destined for U.S. customers, marking the first time an NSX Type S has been sold outside of Japan.

The NSX is an incredible success story for Acura, spearheading Acura’s re-establishment as a performance brand and paving the way for the return of the S-Type. We are a company of enthusiasts and are already investigating what the next generation of sports cars should be in the coming electrified era.”

Jon Ikeda, Acura vice president & brand officer

Known for its distinctive and more aggressive styling front and rear, the NSX Type S also features unique 5-spoke wheels, stickier Pirelli P-Zero tires, tuned Adaptive Damper System, Type S decals, a standard carbon-fibre roof, and available Gotham Gray matte paint.

Under the available carbon-fibre engine cover is Acura’s most powerful production powertrain ever: an updated version of the supercar’s twin-turbo V6 engine and three-engine hybrid system, producing 600 horsepower and 492 lb.-ft. of torque. With a combination of a high-output twin-turbo V6 and torque-vectoring Sport Hybrid SH-AWD® three-motor hybrid system, the second generation NSX drivetrain has been groundbreaking since the supercar launched in 2016.

Hand-built in a special facility at the Anna Engine Plant in Ohio, the supercar’s exclusive twin-turbocharged 3.5-litre 75-degree V6 engine is enhanced with new fuel injectors (providing a 25 percent higher flow rate), new intercoolers (capable of dissipating an additional 15 percent more heat), and new turbochargers shared with the NSX GT3 Evo (delivering a 5.6 percent increase peak boost pressure from 15.2 to 16.1 psi.). The result is an increase in engine output from 500 hp to 520 hp and 406 lb.-ft. of torque to 443 lb.-ft.

The supercar’s 9-speed DCT system and revolutionary Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive™ (SH-AWD®) torque vectoring system is tuned to maximize performance. An available Lightweight Package includes carbon-ceramic brakes, carbon-fibre engine cover, and carbon-fibre interior package, reducing overall onboard weight by nearly 58 lbs.

Dramatically aggressive, the new NSX Type S design remains firmly grounded in the fundamental principles of total airflow management that have guided NSX design since its inception. The new nose, with larger air intakes, and larger rear diffuser work together for increased stability at high speeds. The new shape of its carbon-fibre front spoiler minimizes front aerodynamic lift by directing airflow under the car.

2022 Acura NSX Type S Highlights:

  • Limited production of only 350 units, with 300 for U.S. market
  • Most powerful and quickest road-going Acura ever with 600 hp (+27) and 492 lb.-ft. of torque (+16)
  • Laps Suzuka Circuit in Japan 2-seconds faster than the 2021 NSX
  • Powertrain upgrades include turbochargers shared with the NSX GT3 Evo race car, a 6 percent increase in boost pressure, 20 percent greater battery capacity and 10 percent higher battery output
  • Retuned 9-speed DCT features 50 percent faster upshift response and new Rapid Downshift Mode
  • Revolutionary torque-vectoring Sport Hybrid SH-AWD®retuned to maximize performance
  • New split 5-spoke wheels increase track front (+0.4-in.) and rear (+0.8-in.)
  • New Pirelli P-Zero specifically developed for NSX Type S utilizing advanced modeling technology (includes “H0” designation on sidewall)
  • New exterior design and aerodynamics for increased engine cooling
  • Enhanced aerodynamics includes aggressive carbon fiber NSX GT3–inspired rear diffuser
  • Standard Carbon Fiber roof lowers center of gravity for improved handling
  • Available Lightweight Package includes carbon ceramic brakes in one of four colors, carbon engine cover, carbon interior trim, reduces total curb weight by approximately 57.8 lbs. (26.2 kg)
  • New Gotham Gray matte metallic paint presents an even more sinister appearance for the NSX Type S and is limited to just 70 of the 350 production total globally
  • NSX Type S cockpit enhanced with Alcantara® headliner, embroidered Type S logo on the glove compartment, embossed NSX logo on the headrests, and contrast stitching

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