Lanzante’s F1-Powered Porsche 911s: True Race Cars for the Road

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The term “race cars for the road” is often used in the automotive industry to describe extremely track-focused vehicles. However, this is rarely accurate. The classic Porsche 911s from the British company Lanzante are an exception, as they are equipped with race-utilized McLaren TAG turbo V6 Formula One engines.

Lanzante has been gradually creating these F1-powered 911s for several years, and the one featured in this video is notably unique. The commission was handled by O’Gara Coach in Beverly Hills, California, who brought in former F1 driver Stefan Johansson to design a custom paint job for the car. The engine used in this car is from his McLaren that raced in the 1987 Austrian Grand Prix, where he finished seventh. Since retiring from racing, he has become an artist with a studio in Santa Monica.

Each of these builds is priced at $1.45 million by Lanzante. The engines, which are directly obtained from McLaren, bear the branding of the company Techniques d’Avant Garde (TAG), which is most recognized for the TAG-Heuer watch brand. However, the engine was actually developed in-house by Porsche.

Cosworth assisted in modifying the F1 engine for use in a road car. This involved installing smaller turbos, reducing boost pressure, and adjusting the air-fuel ratio. The modified engine reportedly produces around 503 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. In racing conditions, the engine would have generated about 900 hp and approximately 1,200 hp during qualifying.

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