Honda e-Drag ah-mazing concept

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We do miss #TokyoAutoSalon, but Honda came up with a great treat for us – a virtual exhibition with the latest JDM motorsport exhibits, called Honda Welcome Plaza Aoyama, held between April 20th to May 17th, 2021.

So, Honda presents the e-Drag, a concept car specially built for the drag races, as the name will also suggest – duuh. The concept car features a full carbon fibre body, with a lightweight front clamshell that encloses the bumper, fenders, and hood. The windows have also been replaced with acrylic ones.

The most interesting part of this car is the wheels: the 17″ wheels found on the e-DRAG are retrofitted from those found on the first generation AP1 NSX, equipped with drag racing slick tires of the M&H Race Master, which is well-established in the world of drag racing!

That’s SO COOL!

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