E30 F20C

F20C powered E30

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Yes, you read that right. It’s a Honda S2000 powered old E30 lady, and the transplant appears to have been successful!

The F20C engine is a very desired swap, somehow that crown jewel (next to the K series), an engine delivering more than 120 HP per litre, a dream coming true, but very hard to adapt on all chassis, since the engine is placed longitudinally and not horizontally in the engine compartment, which complicates the mounting a little (a little more), as it is not a simple plug & play system.

This project has started under the careful guidance of Formula Drift Pro 1 Driver Faruk Kugay, whom you maybe know from Netflix’s show Hyperdrive

Faruk also has European roots, like his car. He understands that a perfect auto needs to be treated exactly like a masterpiece – you have to match all the dots of a puzzle and shift it from your mind into reality for it to have function and form, even if at the beginning, nobody believes in your project, nor can understand your vision.

His project was born from an older dream of owning an older bimmer for street & track use, as he admitted that he has a sweet spot for European cars. At the right time, he found his car, resting in a garage, like it was waiting for him. The engine choice came to him like something that had to pair with the car, and voila, the project was started.

I assume I don’t have to tell you about the F20C, as you already know what a technological marvel we are talking about: 241 HP from a 1.998 cc engine, with a dizzying 9,000 rpm redline.

And since good things in life never come easy, the engine did not fit naturally into the engine bay. The oil pan had to be re-designed due to the lack of space for the steering rack, which was now routed through the oil pan. After that, although it fits flawlessly on one side, on the other, it touches other parts, so every detail has been carefully thought out. But that’s the beauty of owning a project car – you never get bored 🙂

The car is almost ready and getting ready for SEMA, where it will be displayed at the ENEOS booth, proudly representing the brand. 

Courtesy to MotorTrend / SuperStreet for their article 🙂

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