Pirelli – The Calendar’s 50 anniversary

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Released 50 years ago, the calendar from Pirelli was seen as a bold move in the year when it was launched, having some featured portraits of young ladies, kind of… nude.

Well, not what we call today Hustler nude, rather a Penthouse ladies nudity and elegant sexuality…

Pirelli offered us a glance of retro look pictures with the 2014 calendar, using the signature photos of Helmut Newton – the iconic photographer that occupied the pages of Vogue magazine for many many years. This year’s calendar is something special because it brings us the old feeling back – a little more about the car and the elegant presence of a lady rather than what we have today

The pictures were to be used in the 1986 edition, but the change was caused by the incapability of Helmut to deliver the photos in time, and the Italian company decided to use Bert Stern photos instead – the photographer who’s “guilty” for a big number of Marilyn Monroe’s portraits. So this year, for a special celebration, Pirelli decided to “spice” up things a little bit and dig for some little history – and that was a great and very appreciated move.

The Cal – as the Calendar is known – was launched in 1964 and is known today as the most famous Yearly Calendar that exists on the market.

And last, but not least, is the comment of Peter Beard, an American well-known photographer –  “The last thing left in nature is the attractiveness and beauty of women.

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