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Why my dears, dinner is served! And while you study the menu, I invite you to closely take a closely look at  this exceptional beauty – a Lincoln Continental from 1968.

chingon continental_01

I find this idea of integrating the Lincoln into the scenery of this restaurant as original and thrilling, but if we dig more into the story of this Melbourne restaurant, we will see that the owners had something else in mind when they started.

The initial idea was to bring a “little piece of Mexico City” onto the Australian continent – starting with the food (the most important dish – the tortilla&taco), the music (of course, a mariachi band), but the last (and not the least) – the cars – as I stated the beautiful ’68 Lincoln Continental, modified into a stunning lowrider… oh no, wait, there’s TWO of them! Never mind, enjoy the view and if you have the occasion to visit Melbourne – don’t forget to visit also Chingon Restaurant.

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