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Honda Civic XI prototype
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[EN] Trick or treat: Civic XI prototype

Honda’s cooking something in the oven for us, and it’s not your usual trick or treat kind of sweet. We are already waiting for some news regarding the new Civic that’s going to be released in April, next year, which design is called rather “evolutionary, not revolutionary” by Honda. We don’t have many information regarding […]

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[EN] Fresh out of the oven: Audi Q1

Yes, you’ve read it well: Audi confirmed a few hours ago the Q1 as the new member of the Q family, starting with 2016. After Q3, Q5, Q7, the Q1 is getting in line to become the youngest member produced at the Inglostadt factory, where Audi produces now A & B segments cars – A3, […]

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[EN] Tokyo 2013: Honda S660

We saw this little one two years ago, under the name of EV-Ster, when they all yelled “it’s only a prototype, don’t get your hopes high”; a few months ago we heard is possible to see it come to reality – and yesterday Honda released the veil from the mystery – S660, directly from Tokyo […]

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[EN] Turbo-VTEC-freak: 2015 Honda Civic Type-R

We saw teasers, camouflaged cars, we heard rumours about it – right before the start of the Tokyo Auto Show, Honda reveals the new and long waited Civic Type-R, without any kind of inhibitions. And she rocks! 2.0 liter and an output of 280 HP – that’s what Honda is bringing new to the table, […]

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[EN] Subaru WRX, teasing…

And they tease us with this beautiful sneak peak of the front view – she looks interesting, and she will be unveiled next week, during the Los Angeles AutoShow. Rumors has it that it will be a Turbo, that’s for sure, but a little uncertain regarding the engine sizing – will they downsize to a […]

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[EN] Rumors has it: boosted CR-Z to come

Honda CR-Z, a very beautiful but dull car – nice clothes but wrong engine. Looks like this affirmation made the engineers at Honda to entirely rethink the model, so voices inside Honda are whispering that the next generation will be based on the Civic Type-R (yes, the new one), will be turbocharged and will be […]

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[EN/RO][VIDEO] Honda Civic Type-R, spied

Looks like the new CTR has been spied on the Nürburgring two days ago, wearing the well-known camouflage clothes so that nobody will suspect anything. Well… To be honest, we do suspect! A lot! Last year, during the press conference of Paris Auto Show, when they showcased the WTCC Race Car and presented its newest engine […]

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[RO][VIDEO] Jaguar Project 7

Jaguar. Project 7. Un soi de monopost de strada, un mélange intre F-Type si D-Type, cu o inima de brav soldat, mica de doar 550 CP. Proiectat special pentru Goodwood Festival of Speed ce va lua startul Vineri, Project 7 se vrea a fi un omagiu adus anilor slujiti de felina in motorsport, imbinand frumusetea […]

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[RO][VIDEO] Suzuki Alto Lapin Chocolate – dulciuri pentru fete

Piata auto a Japoniei este foarte diferita de cea europeana, amanunt binecunoscut. Exista o paleta mult mai larga de modele, variatiuni pe aceleasi teme precum cele deja existente pe continentul nostru, cat si modele noi noute, unele chiar foarte ravnite de pasionati. Insa exista si mici ciudatenii, precum acest mic Suzuki Alto Lapin Chocolat – […]