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Honda Civic XI prototype
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[EN] Trick or treat: Civic XI prototype

Honda’s cooking something in the oven for us, and it’s not your usual trick or treat kind of sweet. We are already waiting for some news regarding the new Civic that’s going to be released in April, next year, which design is called rather “evolutionary, not revolutionary” by Honda. We don’t have many information regarding […]

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[EN] FK8 sets new record at the Suzuka Circuit

Honda’s wildest Type-R ever – 2 mins 23.993 secs lap record for a front-wheel-drive car. Known for its challenging corners and high-speed chicanes, the Suzuka Circuit is not only a test-track for Honda’s R&D department, but it’s also known as being one of the oldest Formula One World Championship, with a long history of races. […]

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[EN] NSX. Type-R?

We all love the NSX. Well, maybe I love the old generation rather than the newer one. Why? Guess it’s a subjective choice – I, one, I’m rather a petrol-headed girl that loves the old-ways more than the newer ones, but I’m not saying my way is the right way. My way is a stubborn-kind […]

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[EN][VIDEO] Donald John Campbell sets World Speed Record

More than 51 years ago, Donald John Campbell sets the astonishing World Record of 648 km/h for a four-wheeled car at Lake Eyre, in Australia. But still, John was disappointed because the car was designed for something more than 800 km/h… The car was designed by the Norris brothers, who already had designed the highly […]

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Because 2015 is a fresh year for Honda – each model within Honda’s line-up is different or has been refreshed, new ventures were started – see Honda’s comeback in F1 or the HondaJet – and now we have IGNITION.  What is Ignition, in fact? An emotive video, perfectly describing the spirit, the feeling, and the […]

Beetle sunk in milk.
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[EN] VW Beetle Sunk in Milk

You’ve probably noticed that I have pleasure for a wicked form of arts that are involving cars or motors… Anything related to it, for me, represents another point of view, and sometimes a masterpiece. Another VW, also from a Mexican artist – Ivan Puig – the first one was the “Beetle Explosion” by Damien Ortega, just the […]

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[EN][VIDEO] Power me up: CR-Z by HPD

For the love that I personally have for this car, deceived by the standard motorization, but happy to see that some tuners are still trying to make it worth – ladies and gents, I present to you Honda CR-Z , official version signed Honda Performance Development -HPD. The HPD presented the CR-Z at SEMA Show, […]

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[EN] Fresh out of the oven: Audi Q1

Yes, you’ve read it well: Audi confirmed a few hours ago the Q1 as the new member of the Q family, starting with 2016. After Q3, Q5, Q7, the Q1 is getting in line to become the youngest member produced at the Inglostadt factory, where Audi produces now A & B segments cars – A3, […]