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Alfa Romeo’s dream garage

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I don’t even know how to start this article. Why? Because sometimes images express more than words can. Maybe because in the absolute dream of every car enthusiast you will find something like this: a huge garage; and imagination can take you everywhere – from a crowded atelier to a beautiful showroom-like garage. Like this one.

Located in Montecito, California, this garage looks more like a museum than what you expected when hearing the word “garage”. The exclusive design integrates also the living space area, this garage exhibits itself more like a museum than something I define as a space for “working-on-cars”. But that doesn’t bother me…

So, here we have an Italian showroom – as we can find four ultimate beauties alive, all dressed in red and carrying a single name – ALFA ROMEO! Giulietta SZ, Giulietta TZ, Dueotto, and one piece of 33 Stradale, the last one so rare that can make anybody turn. You can see a short clip of this gorgeous house in the latest advertorial for 4C Competizione. Anyway, images talk more than words can. Have fun.

[soruce: petrolicius.com]


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