About Me

Who’s pressing the keys around here? Well, that would be me – Mariuca, or Magos, how my friends know me by.

I am a writer and social media lover who happens to specialize in the automotive industry, especially Honda and Japanese brands – history and heritage.

When I’m not writing, you can find me either breaking something on the car trying to fix it, or racing her. Or sleeping 👀

This blog was born somewhere around 2009, when I was publishing in various national (Romanian) publications, out of a desire to build a portfolio here. With time, I realized that writing is a passion for me, so I continued to develop it in parallel with my day job.

Despite the fact that the last four years have been a bit of a hiatus and ambiguous, I have a very exciting list of items planned for 2022, so brace yourselves, the journey (re)begins in 2022!

You can find me on Facebook, on Instagram Or on TikTok here 👉