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Beetle sunk in milk.
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VW Beetle Sunk in Milk

You’ve probably noticed that I have pleasure for a wicked form of arts that are involving cars or motors… Anything related to it, for me, represents another point of view, and sometimes a masterpiece. Another VW, also from a Mexican artist – Ivan Puig – the first one was the “Beetle Explosion” by Damien Ortega, just the […]

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Power me up: CR-Z by HPD

For the love that I personally have for this car, deceived by the standard motorization, but happy to see that some tuners are still trying to make it worth – ladies and gents, I present to you Honda CR-Z , official version signed Honda Performance Development -HPD. The HPD presented the CR-Z at SEMA Show, […]

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Samir, you’re breaking the car….!

By far, one of my all-time favorite videos you can find on YouTube – a few minutes spend on board with Samir and his co-pilot, whom he manages to terrorize. Still, at the end of the race, no one gets hurt – so it’s a safe combination, I guess… Co-pilot: You have to turn the […]

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May the Air Forces be with you: Reventon Murcielago

Is that a plane? Or a rocket? Oh no, it’s just a Lamborghini Murcielago, equipped with a Reventon-style body kit and a giant jet thruster-like exhaust in his ass. I’m sorry, on his back… 🙈 That may seem fast at first sight? Sorry to disappoint you, but underneath the hood there is nothing special than a […]

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Fresh out of the oven: Audi Q1

Yes, you’ve read it well: Audi confirmed a few hours ago the Q1 as the new member of the Q family, starting with 2016. After Q3, Q5, Q7, the Q1 is getting in line to become the youngest member produced at the Inglostadt factory, where Audi produces now A & B segments cars – A3, […]

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Pirelli – The Calendar’s 50 anniversary

Released 50 years ago, the calendar from Pirelli was seen as a bold move in the year when it was launched, having some¬†featured portraits of young ladies, kind of… nude. Well, not what we call today Hustler nude, rather a Penthouse ladies nudity and elegant sexuality… Pirelli offered us a glance of retro look pictures […]