Month: 7 years ago

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Damian Ortega’s Miracolo Italiano

About Ortega’s art I’ve spoken before – see the Beetle Explosion here – today I will tell you again about this strange and new form of art- Damian’s ART. This time, Ortega presented his work of art in a  3D version of the spare-parts diagram in an owner’s manual – similar like he did with the […]

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50 years anniversary: Happy Birthday, Porsche 911!

Happy Birthday, Porsche 911! Well, this event has been already celebrated – they launched the 911 50th Anniversary Edition during the Frankfurt Motorshow that took place a few weeks ago, in Germany, various television commercials or print ads. Everybody said “happy birthday, 911”, we all said it. But what’s really beautiful it’s about to come… […]

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Rumours has it: boosted CR-Z to come

Honda CR-Z, a very beautiful but dull car – nice clothes but wrong engine. Looks like this affirmation made the engineers at Honda to entirely rethink the model, so voices inside Honda are whispering that the next generation will be based on the Civic Type-R (yes, the new one), will be turbocharged and will be […]

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Nismo 370z vs Wingman

Let’s take one beautiful Nismo 370Z, throw it somewhere on the snowy roads of the Alps, and start a race between him and a bird. Uhm, ok, not really a bird, but a wing man… Yes, that’s correct. I found this more than interesting: the wing man – Dave Barlia – and the driver – […]